March Madness as gofyt is LIVE
12/03/2019 Jason Harvey

Here is a list of everything you need to know to get the most out of the gofyt platform! March has begun, and gofyt has launched with a bang! We haven’t stopped buzzing from the minute we started this

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October Journal
22/11/2018 Jason Harvey

October has been another whirlwind adventure! We haven't stopped buzzing from start to end! So, we didn't just attend the Invent 2018 Awards… we won TWO categories! - The Creative & Consumer Media award and Best Pitch award! We

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Why I went gluten free, for a week
14/11/2018 Jason Harvey

Never have I ever…had a restricted diet. DRINK! However, it was just the once. The previous few weeks I had been eating my normal, healthy (enough) diet. I enjoy the odd Dominoes every now and then, who doesn’t? But then

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September Journal - Build it and they shall come
05/10/2018 Jason Harvey

Another month has passed, and it has once again proven

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24/09/2018 Jason Harvey
The Importance of NEAT - by Chris Athlete X
Hey it’s Chris here from Athlete X Strength and Conditioning.
11/09/2018 Andrew McCracken
How Fitness Can Improve Your Mental Health
Steven, aka. Anxious Adventurer, is a world traveller and blogger,
04/09/2018 Jason Harvey
Need to start somewhere - Hit rock bottom and fed up with what you look like
Hey guys, it’s Gemma and James from ‘Fit with Jay
04/09/2018 Jason Harvey
Gofyt – So, what have we been up to in August & September
Gofyt has been going from strength to strength. There has
31/08/2018 Jason Harvey
MMA World and European Leah McCourt Interview - An Inspiring Journey
On todays blog we interviewed Leah McCourt, Leah is World
29/07/2018 Jason Harvey
Limitless Event
So the excitement of our first ever event is upon