We have a vision.

and it starts with you.

Where did it all start?

Gofyt spawned from a spark, our Founder Timmy Crowe was in his dormitories in Dublin University and felt there was something missing from the world of health & fitness. He couldn't put his finger on it, Jason Harvey fellow Co-Founder was also having similar issues in Loughborough training full time to become a top class International Track Athlete. Jason nailed the the issue, it was that he couldn't find a reliable, affordable and effective sports massage therapist in his local area.


The idea was merely a seed, but the guys wanted to create something much more tangible. This is where Andrew McCracken came onboard our final Co-Founder.

He had been in University with Jason so they had been through the trenches. Andrew brought user experience and more design knowledge to the team. This coupled with the existing team mechanics made for a formidable team. It was only the start of the journey but the strong foundations were in place early on.

Our Mission

Here in gofyt we want to revolutionise the health & fitness industry one step at a time. We have created a basic platform but we want to help both our listers and our users.

Making a platform for you guys was our goal and we are growing everyday to achieve this. Moving forward over the next numbers of days, weeks, months we want to keep adapting to help support you - our customers. From day one we were a seed, we are now growing into the flower you see today.

Our Core Values

We're human, we understand.

We're passionate about what we do.

It's more than a community, we are family.

We are driven, we have a goal.